Your Strategic Financial Partner for Every Life Cycle Stage

Every business has unique financial needs. And those needs change as the business grows. That’s why you need a forward-looking financial partner who’s invested in helping you reach your peak. A partner with the strategic know-how to see both the big picture and the finer details. A partner who understands the business life cycle and can design the financial infrastructure that’s just right for your business at each growth phase.

What We Do

Sommet Strategies works with businesses that are poised for growth but don’t have the in-house capability to lay the strategic financial and operational foundation they need to scale or experience navigating various stages of the business life cycle.

Who We Are

Veteran financial strategist and CFO Evelyn Nordin founded Sommet Strategies in the fall of 2020 with the intention of helping small entrepreneurial businesses scale and grow. Evelyn and her team serve as an objective resource that can offer strategic financial and business advice and do hands-on work needed to help businesses achieve their goals.

We’re Intentionally Small

We work with only a few clients at a time so that we can be available as needed and deliver the best service possible.

We’re Agile

We don’t offer cookie-cutter services. We customize our services for clients’ unique needs at each stage of their business and use our vast network of resources to get the job done.

We Get You

We’ve been in your shoes. We’ve faced the same problems you’ve experienced and made the same decisions you’ve had to make.

We're On Your Team

We take a collaborative, holistic approach to working with our clients and serve as your external finance team.

Being a scientist by training, I focus my time on developing the molecular quantum modeling platform used by our company. Since this product is our top priority, as a young company we were not worried initially about long-term financial planning or business infrastructure—even though we had significant proof of concept, we were not commercialized yet. But in 2020, as we started to attract interest from potential clients and investors, we knew it was time to look for someone with experience in legal and financial due diligence. That is when we were introduced to Evelyn.

Evelyn and her team came in and sorted through years of legal and financial documents. In a matter of several weeks, they created a company history timeline, reconciled all board resolutions and shareholder records, and compiled a list of additional issues that needed to be addressed. They corrected company records where needed and created a clean data room, which now serves as our primary workspace. They even identified potential problems of which we weren’t aware. This project concluded with the confidence of being in a good position to support investors and clients in their due diligence.

Since that initial project, Evelyn has served as our CFO. Not only has she been indispensable in efficiently managing our financials, but she has also participated in our corporate strategy, business development, and contractual executions. She has been able to share her past experience with us by serving multiple roles and helping us take the company into its next phase.

Martin N. Martinov, CEO, FAR Biotech

My company was experiencing the classic symptoms of an organization transitioning from startup/market validation to high-growth mode. As the CEO I was becoming overwhelmed by the tasks associated with managing all parts of the business. We had new investors with more sophisticated requirements regarding financial information, infrastructure, board communication, and equity tracking. In short, I needed a CFO. An accountant or analyst was not going to allow me to delegate authority and could not bring the strategic input and support needed as our company matured. However, we were still small and cash strapped, and I wasn’t sure that I needed a full-time CFO for this critical function.

Evelyn and Sommet Strategies have proven to be the answer. Executive/board-level experience, great communication skills, passion for our business, excellent organization skills, and a can-do attitude supported by a strong work ethic have translated into a critical resource for our business. Evelyn is a doer and is willing to do the detailed work required. She is also an acute business person who knows how and when to tap additional resources to get the work done and has expanded her business accordingly without missing a beat for us as a client.

The Sommet Strategies team adapted immediately to our culture and has made it easy for me to delegate more and more responsibility without the risk and expense of finding the right full-time hire. In short, she brings strategic insight, exemplary execution/implementation, flexibility to do what we need when we need it, and most importantly allows me to focus on driving commercial activities to continue to accelerate our growth.

We work with businesses poised for growth and ready to navigate various stages of the business lifecycle.