Who We Are

Sommet Strategies is a strategic CFO and business services consulting firm. We’re a group of financial and business advisors with deep experience in corporate strategic finance, financial modeling, capital markets, budgeting and forecasting, treasury operations, project management, procurement, system implementations, and process design.
We understand the roadblocks and challenges startups and small businesses face when they’re ready to scale and grow.

Our Achievements Include

$650 Million

Raised in equity in aggregate

$1.7 Billion

Raised in public debt in aggregate

$5 Billion

Raised in bank and commercial debt in aggregate

$2 Billion

Closed three public M&A Transactions

Finance Lead

For two ERP implementations and three post-merger integrations


Evelyn Nordin is a fractional CFO and financial strategist with 20+ years of experience helping companies develop financial strategy and infrastructure; navigate debt and equity capital markets; and effectively communicate with banks, shareholders, bondholders, ratings agencies, and other external stakeholders. She both provides strategic oversight and does hands-on work needed to ensure the companies she works with have a strong financial foundation.

Throughout her career, Evelyn has gravitated toward challenging roles that required both technical and strategic expertise to help volatile, asset-intensive companies meet their financial goals. During her 13 years working in oilfield services and a decade in IT, she learned just how quickly business environments can change and how organizations must have the ability to think several steps ahead.

With strong expertise in financial planning and capital management, Evelyn led Atwood Oceanics, a publicly traded company, through a sharp growth phase by raising just enough capital to fund $5 billion in asset construction. By keeping the balance sheet healthy and focusing on the financials, she helped the company navigate the most significant industry downturn in history while simultaneously increasing liquidity and avoiding debt covenant breaches. She led the financial organization integration efforts through three M&A transactions and raised additional capital and liquidity at a time when lenders were leaving the sector. Evelyn believes that experience leading through the hard times helps one plan well in the good times.
In 2020, Evelyn founded the financial consulting firm Sommet Strategies to offer strategic finance and CFO services to seed-stage and early-stage companies that are looking to grow. She works directly with venture capital investors, shareholders, and boards on business and workforce planning, financial planning, capital raising, investor relations, and corporate governance.
Evelyn has an MBA in marketing and finance from Rutgers University and a BS in mathematics and statistics from McNeese State University.
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